Room 302; Friday Night [ 09/13 ].
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Despite his rock star attitude and personable charm, Danny really wasn't much to go out and do stuff on Friday nights. At his core, he was really just a big nerd, and, back home, he had his best friends right there in the Invisible Hideout with him. No need to go out. So, to Danny, Friday nights were for two things.


...and dancing.

Maybe class had gotten him in the mood for the latter, but he was ready to boogie. He had his little music bot pumping out some bomb tunes, lights flashing around the room as he shook his buns and worked on a potential prototype for that fishtank he wanted to ask Alana about installing in their room.

And, duh, the door was open. What was an inventing/dancing party without an invitation for others to join, gawk, or appreciate?

[[ oh, yes, open. ]]

Room 302; Late Tuesday Afternoon [ 09/03 ].
pleased loser
Whistling and in a good mood from his classes that day, Danny returned to his room toting two large bags jangling with all sorts of tools and the stuff needed to sole his holo-john problem. How convenient that everything he needed, for the most part, could be found easily between Turtle & Canary and Stark's! Now he just had the pleasure of assembling thing thing, but there were few things Danny enjoyed as much as putting together new inventions.

So he was in a good mood as he figured out an area of the floor where he could spread all his stuff around and start cobbling the hologram system together. Sure, there were a lot of robots and gadgets he had to get around to inventing since they didn't exist here yet, but out of them all, the Holo-John was penultimate.

[[ door and post are open, though subject to wee amounts of sp ]]

OOC :: An Info Post.
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Oh, man, it's been a while. But I assume some things, such as the inevitable Info Post, never change, so allow me to drop them like sugar peas and beats.

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Questions? Comments? Locally grown butter lettuce?

((Yes, I am still obsessed with gifs, too))


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