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OOC :: An Info Post.

Oh, man, it's been a while. But I assume some things, such as the inevitable Info Post, never change, so allow me to drop them like sugar peas and beats.

Meet Danny Vasquez, toomuchmoop, your typical teenager from the thirty-first century, resident of NeoMars, and member of the Bravest Warriors team that travels the universe saving people and stuff. Bravest Warriors is a comic book/web short series from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, so you know it's cray. It's basically if Adventure Time took place in space instead, with the focus around four adventurers rather than two, and without any Cartoon Network decency restrictions. My favorite scene is a very graphic clip of an alien monster trying to have "sassy moments" with their whale-shaped spaceship.

Danny himself is "the cool one," though it wasn't always that way. He's a tech whiz, an inventor, loves smooching on ladies' faces, and has a secret bundle of crippling and loathing self-doubt deep under the surface. Okay, maybe not so deep; there isn't a lot of surface to get through. He's a wiry guy (though sometimes he seems oddly confident in his body, probably because he used to be a chubby little guy) with a penchant for red hooded sweatshirts (or the color red in general), big bushy brown hair and big bushy expressive eyebrows.

Mostly, though, he's your average teenage boy. He thinks farts are hilarious, has trouble managing his angsty moop, girls are both awesome and terrifying, and, oh yeah, he might randomly throw up at any given time. That right there's my biggest warning with Danny. When he was a kid, a hacker who used to rag on him real bad rigged up his father's garage door opener so that whenever anyone pushes the button, Danny throws up, usually at inopportune moments. His stomach has never been the same since, and, odds are, Hans Christian Teet-Phanters is still there, pushing that button whenever it suits his twisted whimsy.

One other particularly notable thing about Danny is his dog. That yellow sticker on his chest that doesn't at all make him look like Iron Man, shut up, is really a special little sticker that allows him to call up an adorable, tongue-hanging, tail-wagging glowing yellow puppy dog that can also turn into a sword or a gun. As far as I know, the dog itself doesn't have a name, but it's pretty awesome and can run about like a normal dog at times, too. D'aawwwww.

Now onto Minsc and Boo, berserkerminsc! Some of you may know them from a gazillion years ago, but they're from the incredible, ultimate, my-favorite-game-ever Baldur's Gate and are a fierce adventuring team. Minsc is a berserker from the land of Rashemen and Boo is (according to Minsc) a giant miniature space hamster from the far reaches of the multiverse. Odds are, Boo is really just a regular hamster, but Minsc will hear nothing of it. Minsc is big and bald with a purple face tattoo (must be a berserker thing), almost always in armor, and Boo is an adorable little orange calico-like hamster.

Due to his insistence on fighting all evil-doers and his tendency to not wear a helmet, Minsc is probably legitimately insane. If you are an evil-doer, odds are, Minsc will try to fight you. If you are an evil-doer and you like this, awesome, we shall have fun with that. If you are and evil-doer and you don't like this, please let me know and I'll do what I can to work around it. I'm looking at you, Doom. Ice King. TINO.

He teaches Care for Magical Creatures. He still needs a TA, if anyone's interested. Like the Hulk, you wouldn't like him when he's angry, and the only time he's ever likely to get a little serious is if his past gets brought up. I'm fully convinced that half the reason he's so gung-ho and crazy and go-get-'em is because he's trying not to think about all that biz.

Last but not least, I'm Skylie, diraskyria. You may remember me from such characters as Turtle Wexler, Adah Price, Angua, and Aquaman. Yes, those are the characters I'm choosing to feature. Deal with it. I think it's been a year since I've been active in the game, but now that my job isn't killing me and a working computer and some (wait, whaaaaat?) spare time, I wanted to come back. So here I am! I'm probably going to continue to be a queen of slowplay (as well as buttfaces), but I know I'll have at least three days a week where I'm likely to be more active than not.

I hope.


Questions? Comments? Locally grown butter lettuce?

((Yes, I am still obsessed with gifs, too))
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I do not know what that adorable thing with the sugar peas is, but I want one.
That, my friend, is Catbug.

Tremble, weak mortal, at the sheer power of his utter adorability. It knows no bounds.
Eeeeeeee welcome back eeeeeeee!